Cole's Best Bets: 'Game of Thrones' Season Six

Cole aka Eight Screens’ Michelle Williams here. In honor of Sunday’s season six premiere of Game of Thrones, I’m hijacking the “Best Bets” moniker to tell you how to spend your hard-earned Westeros coin.

Heads-up: This post contains heavy spoilers. Odds courtesy of Make Westeros Great Again.

What episode will Jon Snow be resurrected?

2/1 Episode 1-2
3/1 Episode 3-4
19/1 Episode 5-6
9/1 Episode 7-8
4/1 Episode 9-10
10/1 No resurrection

The pick: This is the biggest cliffhanger in series history. Logic says they’ll hold off on the reveal until later in the season to keep people talking, guessing, and — most importantly — watching. 

Bringing back the bastard son of Ned Stark in episode nine or ten gives other characters ample time to get themselves in deep shit, increasing the impact of Jonny Boy’s return to the battlefield.

Also: Look at episode nine in Literally. Every. Other. Season.

Will season six start with a flashback?

+150 Yes
-150 No

The pick: It’s pretty much been confirmed season six will give die-hard fans some insight into what really went down at the Tower of Joy — one of GoT’s biggest unanswered questions. If you’re a book person, or at least familiar with the “R+L=J” plot theory, you know there’s a certain amount of backstory and setup needed to have this scene make sense.

How are they going to provide that backstory without it feeling shoehorned in?



Honestly: not having Bran around last season has got me real sketchy on his powers, but I’m pretty sure his “visions” allow him to see the past or look at other people’s memories or some shit. 

Who will be elected 999th Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch?

-400 Alliser Thorne
+200 No vote taken
+900 Denys Mallister
+200 Field

The pick: Based strictly on a technicality. Thorne was the mastermind behind Jon’s murder, so you’ve gotta think he makes himself the de facto leader, but he ain’t the kind of dude to put it to a vote.

What character will have the most on-screen kills?

1/3 Drogon
3/2 Robert Strong
6/1 Ramsay Bolton
8/1 Bronn
8/1 Captain Phasma (lol Brienne)
9/1 Night’s King
10/1 Davos Seaworth
15/1 Daario Naharis
18/1 Grey Worm
20/1 Tormund
20/1 Jaime Lannister
25/1 Arya Stark
30/1 Jon Snow

The pick: Never bet against a goddamn dragon. Especially one that’s already shown proficiency in the area of killing people.



Which character(s) will die?

1/3 Roose Bolton
1/2 Alliser Thorne
2/3 Walder Frey
Even Ellaria Sand
5/4 Tormund
2/1 Melisandre
2/1 High Sparrow
5/2 Tommen Baratheon
3/1 Jorah Mormont
4/1 Bronn
5/1 Loras Tyrell
5/1 Daario Naharis
11/2 Grey Worm
6/1 Davos Seaworth
13/2 Theon Greyjoy
7/1 Podrick Payne
8/1 Brienne of Tarth
10/1 Cersei Lannister
12/1 Petyr Baelish
15/1 Jaime Lannister
20/1 Bran Stark
25/1 Arya Stark
25/1 Daenerys Targaryan
50/1 Hodor

The picks: Save that Lannister gold, folks. This series is a crapshoot when it comes to character deaths. 

I’m giving you a couple options if you absolutely have to wager something here. One of my picks has the Westeros version of a zombie virus, and the other is a supporting character who’s already survived two seasons longer than he should have. (And moonlights as the spokesman for a chain of two star hotels.)

Wyndham Rewards

Wyndham Rewards

By the way, where is Ramsay Bolton in that list? Gotta think his time’s about up.

What character will sit the Iron Throne at the end of the season?

3/2 Tommen Baratheon
11/2 Petyr Baelish
4/1 Daenerys Targaryan
10/1 Cersei Lannister
12/1 Kevan Lannister
15/1 Margaery Tyrell
25/1 Jaime Lannister
30/1 Jon Snow
35/1 High Sparrow
50/1 Tyrion Lannister
50/1 Sansa Stark
2/1 No one/Unclear
5/1 Field

The pick: A safe one for sure, but there are too many variables and not enough groundwork laid for anybody else to be a viable choice at this point. 

Tommen’s on his way out this season IMO, and he’s the last of the “Baratheon” kids with a claim to the throne, which opens up a yuuuge window of opportunity.

“Sorry, son/nephew, but you’re next.” | HBO

“Sorry, son/nephew, but you’re next.” | HBO

With rumors indicating the series will end after season eight, the next king/queen is most likely going to hold the position temporarily, too. That’s assuming we end the series with THE ONE TO RULE THEM ALL. Shit, wait — that’s the wrong show…

How many seconds will the “Previously on…” segment last in episode one?

-100 Over 127
-100 Under 127

The pick: You should be able to remind people where we left things in under two minutes, folks. Nobody’s jumping into the season six premiere of any show expecting a full-on dissertation.

How many words will be in the title of the season finale?

3/2 One-Two
3/1 Three
6/1 Four
7/2 Five or more

The pick: Really scraping the bottom of the barrel for things to bet on, huh? Not a ton of rational thought behind this, TBH. Just considered the episode titles I actually knew, and all seem to be about three words. LOL JUST SKIP IT IF YOU WANT IDFK!

What will be the cause of death for the first on-screen fatality of the season?

2/3 Sword
3/1 Knife
4/1 Arrow
9/2 Spear/Lance
5/1 Fall
7/1 Fire
8/1 Bare hands
10/1 Animal attack
15/1 Poison
15/1 Unknown origin
25/1 Strangulation
30/1 Illness/Old age
5/1 Field

The pick: Tough one here, especially because you can’t just pick "cut/stab wound." There’s a lot of treachery and general sneaking going on this season, which would make a knife the weapon of choice. 

Also: “Smothered in a King’s Landing orgy” wasn’t an option, so I went with the next-best choice. |ES|

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