'MTV's The Challenge: Invasion' Week 10 Recap: It's So Hard To Say Goodbye To Johnny Bananas

That’s right folks. The irreplaceable, the GOAT, the Whole F’n Show has been defeated.

This week started with arguably the best elimination rounds of all time. You had two of the top males and females of all time facing off in a game made famous on American Gladiators, POWERBALL.

(Welppppp now I’m down a damn American Gladiators wormhole…going to be a late night hitting up the Related Videos.)

For those not keeping track at home, here is where we sit in the game:

In the male elimination Darrell made his claim for the GOAT by defeating Bananas in a close 1-0 matchup.

The ladies matchup was….not so close….Laurel showed exactly why she’s the Queen of the Challenge by going Jerome Bettis all over Cara Maria.

This week’s challenge was one of the coolest challenges of all time. Contestants had to jump from tube to tube attached to the back of a speed boat.

Because the Underdogs have eight fucking people compared to the Champions' four, they won another challenge, taking home $30K in the process. Have no fear though, our dude TJ is thinking the same thing. In the middle of a house party that he threw for them (classic TJ move), Teej showed up to completely buzzkill the night and announced that next week would be an UNDERDOG BLOOD BATH.

Little tip for anyone thinking about going on The Challenge: Whenever TJ does something nice for you (example: throwing you a house party), it’s a TRAP. 

Let’s take a look at where we stand in the Challenge Oasis house:

  • Champions: $25,000
  • Underdogs: $55,000

AB's Power Rankings: Underdogs

1. Nicole

Who would have thought in a house that Corey stays at, that he wouldn’t be the biggest playboy? The only thing that can stop this girl is if she takes her eye off of the prize to look at one of the other beautiful ladies in the house.

2. Hunter

Will Hunter eventually bite off more than he can chew?

3. Corey

Corey blew away the competition in this week’s challenge and provided us with one of the top gifs of the season.

4. Jenna

The bad ass Barbie is cruising to another final. 

5. Shane

Say what you want about Shane, two things cannot be argued about the guy: 

  • He is a BAD DRUNK
  • He is very self aware.

6. Amanda

When TJ talked about their being way too many Underdogs around I’m pretty sure he was looking square in Amanda’s eyes.

7. Ashley


8. Nelson

This guy is CORNY.

AB's Power Rankings: Champions

1. Laurel

Laurel's been dominant but has been um, how do I put this … exploring things this season on The Challenge. Hopefully she can keep her head in the game.

2. Darrell

Thor ✔
Bananas ✔

3. CT

A poor showing this week from everyone’s favorite monster CT. A lot chatter online from people asking if CT doesn’t have it anymore. Wondering if the guy doesn’t have the physical strength or the heart anymore. I still have faith.

4. Camilla

Got to give this little Tasmanian devil some credit. The girl competes.