'MTV's The Challenge: Invasion' Week 2 Recap

The Champions are coming! The Champions are coming! ...well at least that's what I told myself as I struggled to keep my eyes open through another week of The Challenge consisting only of Underdogs and Rookies. I’m having serious Bananas withdrawal and I’m not afraid to admit it.

Next week, our Champions arrive to save the season and win some damn money. But before they get here, let’s take a look at what went down this week in the Shelter.  

This week’s Challenge was a team race, with each team consisting of one female and one male. The race was simple: 

  • Hop in a boat
  • Row across disgusting sewage water
  • Pick up four bags of coconuts at four separate checkpoints
  • Shoot all the coconuts into a basket (basketball-style)

Unfortunately, it wasn’t much of a race as Hunter used his gigantic muscles to tear through the water and somehow sink jumper after jumper, drawing comparisons to Steph Curry in the process. Following the challenge, Corey and Jenna put themselves up for elimination with the house voting in Theo and Anika. Challenge vets Corey and Jenna did what vets do to rookie scrubs: sent 'em packing, earning their spot in the Oasis in the process.

Already earned coveted spots in the Oasis house:

  • Safe: Dario, Nicole, Kailah (elimination winner), Tony (elimination winner), Hunter, Ashley, Cory (elimination winner), Jenna (elimination winner)
  • Eliminated: Marie, Bruno, Theo & Anika

AB's Random Challenge Thoughts (Ed. note: the best in the biz)

  • HUNTER IS A BEAST. He is one of the only Underdogs who can match up physically with any of the Champions.
  • All these kids do is lay around under bug nets all day. Whip out the damn alcohol & start making some god damn mistakes. SMH.   
  • These pre-show documentaries showing the careers of some of the All Time Challenge greats are fantastic for any Challenge fan. Two big thumbs up from AB.
  • This water they’re competing in is way worse than that water the Olympians competed in this summer. Can we get some safe conditions for these athletes please? Resident nice guy Shane said it best: “I’m just worrying about some sort of amoeba crawling in my pee hole trying to kill me” Fair concern Shane…Fair concern.
  • I wish I cared about something as much as TJ hates quitters.
  • Timeline of Theo’s first elimination:
  1. “I’m going to murder Cory.”
  2. “I’m a D1 athlete, no way I lose.”
  3. /climbs up mountain
  4. /gets to edge of mountain
  5. “Ohh….this is pretty high”
  6. “I’m not doing this” 
  7. Pisses off TJ.
  8. Gets compared to Britney Spears as he descends back to the ground :( 
  9. Gets sent home.
  10. Bonus: TJ doing a flip from the same spot Theo refused to jump from.
  • Nelson is still the worst. 

In case you forgot, here are the rules of the game we know so far:

  • 18 Underdogs will spend the first part of this Challenge in what is known as THE SHELTER. The Shelter is some ol' bull shit straight out of Survivor
  • 12 Underdogs will move on to the Oasis. TJ promises the Oasis is the paradise they all thought they were signing up for. TJ never lies.
  • Underdogs will face off in challenges with the female and male winner of the day cashing their ticket to the Oasis
  • The male and female that finishes last in each challenge is automatically sent into elimination.
  • The rest of the cast then votes on one male and one female who will also be sent into that week’s elimination. With the girls voting for the guys and the guys voting for the girls.
  • The male and female winner of the elimination win a spot in The Oasis, with the loser being sent home.
  • 8 former winners of The Challenge, known as the Champions, will arrive on the island to take on the Underdogs. 
  • 4 Underdogs and 4 Champions will make the finale. |ES|