MTV's 'The Challenge: Rivals III' Power Rankings - Week 1

Let the drunken madness begin!

The season premiere of The Challenge: Rivals III in beautiful Huatulco, Mexico is in the books and we were already left with our first "To Be Continued..." episode.* Host TJ Lavin turned the competition all the way up right off the bat with the biggest 1st place prize in Challenge history, $275,000.** With a 90 minute episode under our belts — including plenty of drama and one competition— let’s take a look at our first power rankings.

*Are you f’in kidding me?
** We won’t get into how grossly underpaid these competitors are. $275,000? Split between two people, to live in the filthy house and drink brain smoothies? No thanks.

1) Sarah and Bananas (No change from last week)

Guys, I really wanted to put Jenna and Vinny in the number one spot. They probably deserve it, but I just couldn't do it. Johnny can barely stand to look at Sarah after being screwed over in a previous Challenge, but that doesn't matter. When push comes to shove, this team is a juggernaut with no flaws.

2) Jenna and Vince (Up two spots)

I tried telling y'all Jenna is a beast. Is there any doubt she's one of the top three female competitors in the house? Jenna and Creepy Uncle Vinny were the only team to complete the first challenge, showing they are a team to beat.

3) Nany and West (Down one spot)

Wes and Nany generally stayed out of the first episode, letting rookies stir the pot while they sat back and coasted.

4) KellyAnne and Jamie (Up one spot)

KellyAnne and Jamie are going to be tough to stop in an elimination — they proved that with a second-place finish in the first competition. Jamie also made waves by hooking up with Ashley in a free live sex show. 

5) Ashley and Corey (Up one spot)

For those that saw Ashley on The Real World, we know girl loves to live young, wild, and free. In episode one, Ashley hooked up with Jamie in front of the entire cast. Random hookup or perfect strategy to gain a strong ally? Only time will tell. 

6) Averey and Leory (Down three spots

This team has plummeted in the rankings. Early in the season opener, Leroy disclosed that he has a pinched nerve in his back. I am extremely worried for my boy Leroy.

7) Camila and Tony (Up one spot)

If Tony isn't murdered in his sleep by Simone, this team could be decent. Camila is one of the top competitors in the challenge and Tony can carry his own weight. I am intrigued by this duo.

8)  Nicole & Dario Gronkowski (Down one spot)

When asked what she'd do with her winnings if she won The Challenge, Nicole really pulled out the sob story to get the public behind her. Nicole confirmed she would get her dad Botox and herself breast implants. Surprisingly it appears Gronk is going to take a backseat to Nicole in the entertainment category.

9)  Cheyenne and Devin (Up three spots)  

Not much going on with this team. They've risen three spots from the preseason rankings by doing nothing. One positive is Cory has taken a liking to Cheyenne, and as I've always said romance is the best way for a poor competitor to stick around longer than they should.  

10) Briana and Brandon (Up three spots)

Brandon's big play this episode was distancing himself from his only allies in the game. Brandon turned down an invitation to be in an Are you the One? alliance because his ex-girlfriend is a part of it. What Brandon doesn't realize is, "All is fair in love, war and The Challenges." - Johnny Bananas" - AB

Somehow this team went up three spots despite doing nothing positive. These last three must be some train wrecks.

11) Simone and Thomas (Down two spots)

To everyone's surprise,* Simone got into a shouting match with another contestant in the very first episode, screaming one of my favorite new lines at equally annoying contestant Tony:  “DON’T YOU EVER LIE ON ME! DON'T YOU EVER LIE ON ME!” She also threatened to kill him via poisoning his food or smothering him with a pillow in his sleep. This is just the start to Tom's horrible nightmare. 

*No one was surprised, girl is cray.

12) Jessica and Johnny (Down two spots)

Johnny is screwed. He's with one of the most annoying contestants and worst competitors on the show. J&J finished last in the challenge thanks to a severe lack of communication. The only saving grace is they’ll likely face a team of rookies in the elimination.

13) Christina and Nate (Down two spots)

Not only is Nate a rookie scrub, he refused to sky dive before the first challenge. TJ does not like quitters and neither do I. This team has a gigantic target on its back and will be gone before we can begin to hate them more. 

Side note: While perusing MTV's Challenge website, I came across their official Challenge: Rivals 3 Fantasy League. Fantasy points are awarded for a long list of things, but here are my favorites:

  • Joining an alliance: 15 points earned
  • Making TJ say “You Killed It”: 10 points earned
  • TJ verbally disappointed in Contestant: 20 points earned
  • Leader of a prank: 15 points earned
  • Disqualification for reason other than injury: 60 points deducted
  • Vomiting (max 2 vomits per Contestant per Episode): 10 points earned
  • Contestant states he/she has a boyfriend/girlfriend back home: 10 points earned |ES|

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