New Yorkers Were Jarringly Ungrateful To The Ghostbusters For Saving Their City From Total Annihilation

ghostbusters ii 2.png

Five years removed from saving New York City — and likely the whole of humanity — from certain doom at the hands of interdimensional demon god Gozer the Gozerian (later Gozer the Destructor in the form of a hundred-foot marshmallow man), the Ghostbusters have been compensated for their bravery in the form of lawsuits, bankruptcy, and skepticism. For this reason alone, the first act of Ghostbusters II is nothing short of an outrage.

Indeed, facing lawsuits from every “state, county, and city agency in New York” is a reasonable outcome from large-scale destruction of Manhattan property. The Ghostbusters did blow the top off an apartment building, this is a fact. But these men are American heros! They should be throwing out first pitches at Yankee Stadium and receiving Presidential Medals of Freedom with distinction, not putting up with rude disbelievers who would have been turned to dust if not for their efforts.

This galling lack of appreciation from the very citizens whose lives were saved came to a head during a children’s birthday party where Winston and Ray are forced to perform like clowns to make end’s meet. Get a load of this smart-mouthed punk:

“My dad says you’re full of crap.” Well I got news for ya kid, your dad’s an idiot. Why don’t you go find your American History textbook and read the latest chapter, dedicated entirely to the men who stand before you?

How was there any remaining skepticism about the existence of ghosts? Were they not around when ghouls terrorized the city and a portal to another dimension pierced the skies? A giant marshmallow man stomped around the Upper West Side and these people act like the Ghostbusters are hucksters. It was on TV!

Even the big stakeholders who know the truth about the supernatural roll their eyes. When the Ghostbusters try to warn the mayor — the same mayor from the Great Gozer Scare five years earlier — about a river of evil slime threatening to engulf the city, they were rebuffed. In fact, the mayor’s right-hand man has the Ghostbusters committed to a psychiatric ward! I mean can you imagine? Why wouldn’t you trust literally the only group of people qualified to speak on these matters? Lenny Clotch owes his re-election to these men! Not only because he benefited politically from their heroism, but because the city itself would not exist if they had failed. Every living person owes his or her life to the Ghostbusters, and yet they are treated like dirt. It’s appalling.

The next time you see a firefighter or pest control specialist, tip your cap in their direction. Never, ever get in their faces and tell them what your daddy really thinks of their occupation. We should all have a little more decency than the residents of Ghostbusters II’s New York City. |ES|