Something That Will Never Happen: Conor McGregor vs. Floyd Mayweather

Last night, Floyd Mayweather, with the name of his promotional company emblazoned on the ring behind him, poured gasoline on a silly rumor, started by him, about him: Will the recently retired boxer fight the biggest male name in mixed martial arts?


Nonsense has a way of sticking in the news these days. A fantasy match up between fighters from different sports is, by definition, nonsense. But Floyd pretends the fight will happen for the same reason Michael Jordan hinted at a third comeback during his Hall of Fame induction speech: First we laugh, then we talk seriously about the possibility. 

Here are the facts: Conor McGregor is a mixed martial artist for UFC who recently suffered his third loss in that sport. Floyd Mayweather is an undefeated "former" boxer who apparently spends his retirement at TJ Maxx. Even as the boxing world quivers with excitement over the potential meeting of two elite middleweights, he remains the sport's most recognizable name.

Both are master promoters ("shit-talkers," as the milennials say) with an affinity for money. Conor is considered one of the better punchers in his MMA, while Floyd is world-renowned for his ability to evade punches. No professional boxer has defeated him, and our guess is that a fighter from a different sport would also struggle to defeat Mayweather in, you know, boxing. Tom Brady would not out-pitch Clayton Kershaw, etc.

One obstacle, according to Floyd, at least, is securing a venue for the fight. This is laughable, as just about any arena in America (or Ireland) would cancel an Obama speech or even Beyoncé concert to accommodate this event. This attitude is just one reason why Dana White, UFC president and matchmaker through which all things are possible, said making the fight would be impossible

This back-and-forth is an exercise in vanity for both parties, nothing more. 

Imagine the vitriol if Mayweather claimed to "run MMA." A comment this outlandish should be punishable by sleep by GGG. This is akin to me claiming to "run aerospace engineering."

But I guess that's possible, too.

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Header images: Ethan Miller/Getty Images,Steve Marcus/Getty Images