The Definitive All-Time 'MTV Challenge' Power Rankings - Women

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With Sarah and Bananas heading to their predictable championship this week on The Challenge: Rivals III, Sarah has undoubtedly proven herself to be among the most accomplished Challenge competitors of all time. Last week, we ranked the guys. Now we've settled on the definitive list of female competitors — Sarah included.

MTV's The Challenge All-Time Rankings (Women)

Honorable mention: Rachel Robinson
Road Rules: Campus Crawl
Two championships, $135,555 career earnings

One of the most in-shape competitors in history. Rachel was always a force to be reckoned with in any Challenge house. Rachel competed in an astounding seven Challenges, winning two.

Honorable mention: Jodi Weatherton
Road Rules: X-Treme
Two championships, $176,667 career earnings

Jodi was an impressive athlete who came in, won a bunch of money, and rode off into the sunset. Jodi was extremely likeable and took advantage of that, coasting to two drama-free championships. Jodi only competed in three Challenge seasons over the span of two years, which keeps her out of our top five.

Honorable mention: Veronica Portillo
Road Rules: Semester at Sea
Three championships, $80,309 career earnings

“WHAT!? Veronica is tied for the most championships of all time. What’s the deal here? Your list is TRASH and YOU DON’T KNOW SHIT about the Challenges.”

First off, chill out for a second. Let Dr. AB take yah through a little Challenge history. When talking about Veronica I ask that you please adjust your monitor to black and white and make sure the picture is all grainy and not in HD.

Veronica comes from a completely different era of The Challenge. Her first “competition” was in the year 2000 — the olden days. Back then, Challenges were more about having a good time and doing GNARLY stuff. They didn’t involve any sort of elimination, TJ wasn’t around to ridicule people who quit, and everybody left a winner!* Yes, Veronica did win three Challenges, and for that I applaud her and put her on this list of honorable mentions. However, ranking Veronica in the top five would be like claiming some 1940’s dude was the best basketball player of all time, even though he only played against short white guys. It’s just a different game, folks.

*Ex: Veronica only competed in 2 eliminations in 8 seasons of “competing” in Challenges.

Ed. note: When Veronica dated a Cedar Rapids Kernel, she waitressed at this restaurant. Sup.
Also ed. note: There was a dude named Yes on Veronica's season of
Road Rules and I recall him being very cool.

Honorable Mention: Paula “Walnuts” Beckert
Real World: Key West
Two championships, $126,000 career earnings

Paula Walnuts has done more Challenges than any other female competitor and deserves credit for her longevity alone. Unfortunately, Paula’s performances just aren’t enough to make the list. Her biggest accomplishment was having beef with two of the strongest female competitors of all time, Evelyn and Emily. Her battles with those two resulted in her being partnered with them in Rivals I and II, respectively, leading to her two challenge championships.

Honorable Mention: Susie Meister
Road Rules: Down Under
Two championships, $103,506 career earnings

Susie experienced huge success on the Challenges, winning two championships. Unfortunately, and similar to Veronica, it’s hard to imagine Susie taking down any of the other females on this list in a one-on-one situation.

6) Cara Maria Sorbello
The Challenge: Fresh Meat II
One championship, $188,500 career earnings

Cara Maria is known for her trademark bright hair and never quite being able to win it all. That is, until the Battle of the Bloodlines, where she carried her cousin to a championship. Although Cara Maria sometimes annoys us with her fake-ass Boston accent, she has an undeniable track record: She’s the elimination queen, winning 11 damn eliminations, she’s a Crossfit boss who can run for days, she’s the most well-equipped competitor (male or female) for a Challenge finale in history. Unfortunately for Cara, her lopsided losses to Emily and Laurel keep her from any real consideration for the top spots.

5) Sarah Rice
Real World: Brooklyn
One championship, $173,689 career earnings

Sarah has been one of the unluckiest Challenge females in history. She was indeed a dominant competitor, but more often than not was saddled with a horrendous partner. On multiple occasions, Sarah’s time in the house was cut short because of her partners being disqualified. After eight seasons of never quite reaching the mountain top, Sarah was finally partnered with a capable teammate and won her first Challenge. Sarah has reached five finals winning one championship* and holds an impressive 6-2 record in eliminations. She is undeniably the best puzzle-solver in Challenge history and is one of the few that can claim they got the best of Johnny Bananas. The girl is ruthless and deserves her spot among the greats.  

*She is currently competing in the finale of her ninth season and the favorite to win her second championship.

 4) Empty

Unfortunately the gap between the top three Challenge females of all time and the next-best group is so large that I cannot in good conscience put anyone near them.

If you were making the Mount Rushmore of Challenge females, there would only be three heads up there.

3) Emily Schromm
Real World: D.C.
One championship, $104,000 career earnings

When describing Emily’s Challenge career it is very simple: she is a Crossfit goddess. Emily is an absolute beast who never truly faced any real competition in any Challenge house she stepped in. She competed in just three Challenges, making it to the final in all three and winning one championship. Along the way, she went undefeated in five eliminations, never coming close to defeat.

Emily is arguably the most athletic female in Challenge history and is every competitor’s nightmare in any elimination.*

*Watch Emily dominate a fellow all-timer, Cara Maria, during an elimination in Battle of the Exes

2) Evelyn Smith
The Challenge: Fresh Meat
Three championships, $167,000 career earnings

Evelyn was a tenacious bulldog with not an ounce of quit in her. She was an ultracompetitive elite athlete who struck fear in everyone she came across. Evelyn competed in seven Challenges, winning a record three titles. Unfortunately, her early exits in Ruins and Fresh Meat keep her from the number one spot.

 (Look, we’re splitting hairs here between these top three competitors.)

1) Laurel Stucky
The Challenge: Fresh Meat II
One championship, $201,000 career earnings

Laurel Stucky is a cold, calculated Challenge Terminator put on this earth to destroy all those in her path. She’s had a near-perfect Challenge career, competing in the final of all four seasons she’s been on, winning once. Even in the finals that she’s lost, it was almost always her partner’s fault for the loss.

The most impressive statistic of Laurel’s career is her elimination record of eight wins zero losses.* She has had a near-flawless Challenge career and we can only hope she comes back for another season or two.

*Click to see Laurel truck-stick another Challenge icon Aneesa. |ES|

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