"2018 Oscars Preview Extravaganza" | Rimcast with Rim and AB


In what has become a sacred tradition, Rim and AB watched every Academy Awards 'Best Picture' nominee and discussed each movie, the standout performances, who we think will win the big five categories, and power rank our personal favorites. **Light spoilers for each, so please note the timestamps.**

5:07 - "Call Me By Your Name"
11:50 - "Darkest Hour"
15:20 - "Dunkirk"
20:45 - "Get Out"
27:05 - "Lady Bird"
33:37 - "Phantom Thread"
37:55 - "The Post"
42:45 - "The Shape of Water"
48:15 - "Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri"
56:30 - Our picks for Supporting Actress/Actor, Leading Actress/Actor, and Best Picture
1:07:45 - Rim's Top 22 of 2017
1:15:12 - AB's Best Picture Rankings
1:20:00 - Upcoming 2018 movies

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