RIMCAST #38 - "Is This A Bit Or Not?"

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Rim and AB recap Katt Williams vs. some teenagers, talk about a hippie who climbed a big tree, and nearly come to blows over the legality of Judge Judy's rulings.

0:22 Berry Gordy | 1:45 He ate the whole thing? | 4:31 Katt Williams vs. an 8th grader | 9:27 Guy in a tree | 11:14 Sarah Palin | 12:02 TV judges | 17:24 AB's Parenting Tip of the Week | 19:57 Best TV Shows of the 1990s bracket update | 26:11 Listener Shout-Out of the Week | 29:22 #RSPOBOTW

Top image: Not entirely sure about the source, but if Judy sees this we'll take it down right away, ma'am.

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Rim and AB