"Best of 2017" | Rimcast with Rim and AB

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There's no good way to put together a two-hour clip show of yourself yammering into a microphone without seeming vain. But we did it anyway. These are some segments that made us laugh this year, from the sad arc of Rim's 10K challenge to AB's best parenting moments to our aggressive treatment of Stat Boy and much more. Hopefully they make you laugh as well. Thanks for listening.

1:00 Rim announces his 60 lb. Weight Loss Challenge and 10K road race plans (February 8)
8:20 A sad update on the Weight Loss Challenge (April 6)
14:00 Toddler Talk - Preparations for Isabelle's second birthday party (April 6)
17:30 Final update on Rim's 10K training (May 19)
23:50 The race was a disaster (May 26)
35:10 AB's night away from the kid (June 9)
40:00 The time we fired Stat Boy (June 9)
42:25 Story Time with Uncle Rim - The Lindale Mall Trading Card Debacle (June 16)
49:00 Conspiracy Conner - The Death of Tupac Shakur (July 28)
1:15:03 Artificial Intelligence will be our undoing (August 4)
1:24:20 AB's Iowa State Fair strategies (August 14)
1:34:35 Our eclipse stories, including Rim's day-long Missouri boondoggle (August 23)
1:55:38 AB's full weekend away from parenting (October 23)
1:57:15 Impression Session - Michael McDonald (December 12)

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