"Definition of a Rim Bust" | Rim and AB

Chris Carlson / AP

Chris Carlson / AP

On this week's episode, Rim kind of apologizes for driving the Tiger Woods hype train, AB explains the latest Kardashian fuss, both the fellas talk about what they're watchin', and a new segment called "Remember That Time...?" where we talk about a funny moment from our youth. Plus, a special NBA Playoff Preview: Can our Cavs beat our Sixers? Well,,, stay tuned.

0:30 AB's Kid Kount
2:00 Summer cuts and trims
3:45 Tiger Woods at the Masters - Rim Bust?
9:45 Wrestlemania 34 Recap
13:30 What We're Watching - New Girl
15:30 Wild, Wild Country
18:00 Alex, Inc.
20:15 CABS ARE HERE (Jersey Shore revival)
25:45 Triflin' Tristan Thompson
30:00 NBA Playoffs: Can our Cavs beat our Sixers?
40:30 New Segment - Remember That Time...?
44:15 Breaking Billy Mitchell News (King of Kong controversy RESOLVED wow)

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Rim and AB