"Do I Have A Pulse?" | Rimcast with Rim and AB


AB seems to think his tear-jerker network TV show has something special in store after the Super Bowl. Plus: We learn a few things about Milli Vanilli, discuss possibilities for the XFL, some piping hot MLB HOF takes (because we're old now), and AB's YouTube-for-two-year-olds get-rich-quick scheme.

Timestamps: 'This Is Us' big reveal (3:40); 30-year anniversary of Milli Vanilli (10:45); 50 Cent had some Bitcoins he didn't know about (16:30); Vince McMahon is bringing back the XFL (18:45); Sports talk - Cavs again; Is AB going to Chipper Jones' Hall of Fame induction?; Barry Bonds (24:45); Making money off 3-year-old YouTube viewers (34:00); What we're watching - TV recommendations (40:30)

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Rim and AB