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We try not to repeat topics here on the Rimcast, but we usually end up repeating topics. If you've heard enough about the Ball family and 'American Idol', let us know @RimcastES. In the meantime, soak in the distinct aroma that is the natural chemistry that's been cooking in the oven of Rim and AB for nearly two decades.

Segments: Politics in rural Iowa (1:20); Where In The World Is Stat Boy Sandiego? (3:15); Ball Control - LaVar's going to home-school LaMelo for *two years* (4:45); NBA changes the format of the All-Star Game (11:30); That's How They Getcha - Excessive microtransactions in NBA 2K17 (16:45); What Really Grinds My Gears - Rim tries to unsubscribe from Hulu (20:15); The rebooted 'American Idol' does not look promising (27:15); Papa Bradford's Parenting Corner (32:30); OJ's out (34:30)

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