"Kylo Rim" | Rimcast with Rim and AB


There's quite a bit to catch up on after a few weeks away. Bitcoin went from a frenzy to a mania to a bust and back again. Our beloved Balls are headed to Lithuania, and some hot new TV shows cropped up. Plus: Rim reviews The Room in anticipation of seeing The Disaster Artist in theaters.

Segments: Bitcoin Mania (2:00); The Balls Go To Lithuania (7:45); Reality AB: 'Floribama Shore' and 'The Challenge' (14:45); 'Stripped' on Bravo (20:00); Rim Rec: 'The Crown' on Netflix (26:15); Review: The Room, the worst movie ever made (29:00); Stat Boy (34:00); Impression Session (43:15)

The Room on YouTube

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