"Paternity Leave" | Rim and AB


Hello! We're back. AB had another child! Much has happened in the interim: LeBron James signed with the Lakers, Tiger Woods played some good golf out there on the links, MoviePass flew too close to the sun, and father of two Alex Bradford was sucked into Fornite like every other video gamer on Earth. Also: Some in-depth TV show reviews and brief discussion about the recent Old Tweet Reckoning.

1:15 We're back
2:45 AB's Paternity Leave/Baby Talk
10:45 Other personal news
15:00 We're Laker fans now
20:15 Tiger's back also
23:15 Fortnite (the most popular video game of all time)
29:45 What we're watching
35:45 The rise and fall of MoviePass
44:00 Old tweets exposed
50:00 Whaddya got for us?
53:45 Nailed It!

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