RIMCAST #21 - "Fresh Veggies and Cigarettes"


Rim and AB discuss the Oregon ranchers' wish list, Tila Tequila's reasonable theories, some reality television updates, and introduce a new segment on the show.

0:53 Young Triple Cornbread | 2:42 Oregon ranchers' list of demands | 20:28 Johnny Football/Billy Vegas | 26:18 Tila Tequila makes some valid points | 31:24 "The Bachelor" season premiere recap |  37:43 "The Challenge" update - keep your head on a swivel | 45:46 Lamar Odom released from the hospital | 46:31 Rim's Super Obscure Smugly Pointed-Out Band of the Week | 51:47 Tune in Thursday for our "Making a Murderer" recap

*          *          *

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