RIMCAST #30 - "Two Dads Fighting Over A Grill"


Rim and AB predict The Oscars, grouse about the Cubs, and recap the worst thing they've ever seen on television.

 1:07 Dr. Bradford with the diagnosis | 3:18 Oscars talk and predictions | 20:49 Man skips work for six years | 26:07 Kimbo Slice vs. Dada 5000 | 32.53 The Cubs (are the worst) | 32:57 AB's Parenting Tip of the Week | 43:22 Listener shout-out of the week | 46:53 Rim's Smugly Pointed-Out Band of the Week (#RSPOBOTW) | 49:58 Chris Bosh update

*          *          *

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Rim and AB