RIMCAST #52 - "Patio Beers and Gucci Mane"

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Rim and AB discuss abysmal customer service from AB's internet company, let loose on over-hyped soccer like some ugly Americans, and address the issue of Gucci Mane's (alleged) clone.

0:38 Abysmal customer service from AB's internet provider | 7:20 Ugly Americans have had it up to here with U.S. Soccer hype | 15:27 AB's Kardashian Minute | 18:31 Is newly freed rapper Gucci Mane a clone? | 23:33 NBA Finals recap and assessing LeBron James' career thus far | 34:41 AB's Parenting Tip of the Week | 37:45 Stat Boy | 43:37 Stat Boy's defense of USA Soccer | 50:18 Rim's Smugly Pointed-Out Band of the Week | 52:16 What will be the 2016 Song of the Summer?


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  8. Five stars tho

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