RIMCAST #63 - "If You Cut Basketballs In Half"

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Recapping Rim's first massage, the Trump Tower climber, cargo shorts, the Olympics, and some quick hitter topics. Also: AB confuses an R. Kelly song with a Rascal Flatts with an Usher song, and Stat Boy throws a perfect game.

1:03 Rim's massage | 8:10 Trump Tower climber | 15:27 Cargo shorts | 17:25 RIP Flossing | 21:49 AB's Olympics Update | 29:37 Quick hitters: Pizza ATM, Tim Tebow plays baseball, R. Kelly | 34:04 No Man's Sky | 35:37 Stat Boy | 41:58 Rim's Smugly Pointed-Out Band Of The Week | 43:45 Buy koozies you idiots | 45:29 Parenting philosophy of the week

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  8. Five stars tho

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