RIMCAST #67 - "Make The Rimcast Great Again Also"

Rim and AB discuss Colin Kaepernick, Trump in Mexico, Rudy's hat, pumpkins, footbawl, and the present the world-famous segment "Rim and AB's North Korea Minute."

3:20 Colin Kaepernick sits down during the National Anthem | 10:08 Trump en Mexico | 13:01 Rudy's hat | 14:50 Rim and AB's North Korea Minute | 20:02 Pumpkins | 23:45 Season Power Rankings | 27:08 Footbawl | 30:45 Sponsor-requested topic | 37:14 Rim's Smugly Pointed-Out Band of the Week (#RSPBOTW on Spotify) | 40:31 Stat Boy LIVE!

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