RIMCAST #72 - "The Banana Game"

Rim battles through a tough episode with the support of co-host AB and Stat Boy. Topics include a dumpster-diving hipster, an LSD hero, caramel M&Ms, parenting, and more.

1:20 Bananas | 4:15 Man spends $2.75 on food a year | 11:15 Man on LSD saves dog from fire | 16:25 Caramel M&Ms | 21:00 Obama workout playlist/Stat Boy roast | 26:10 Quick hitters: Aaron Rodgers, 'The Walking Dead' | 33:15 AB's Parenting Tip of the Week | 36:30 Rim's Smugly Pointed-Out Band of the Week| 38:45 Stat Boy

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Rim and AB