"You Trust 'Em If You Want To" | Rimcast with Rim and AB

You may have missed it, but artificial intelligence asserted its dominance over humanity this week. Other topics of note include Will Smith's underappreciated early- to mid-2000's run, the death of a sitcom character, the return of TRL, and people really out here dying in search of buried treasure.

i, Robot - Facebook shuts down AI system after bots create and use their own language, defying engineer's commands (2:20); Early- to mid-2000's Will Smith movie power rankings (11:40); In The Year 2000 - return of 'Total Request Live' (13:25); Kevin Can Wait Update (RIP to his sitcom wife) (18:25); People really out here dying in search of buried treasure (24:15); Stat Boy (29:00)

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Header image: 20th Century Fox