"Took Me 40 Hours" | Rim and AB (formerly known as the Rimcast)

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We changed the name and got a new logo, but rest assured Rim and AB deliver the same underwhelming show you've come to expect. In this episode: A brief explanation of the re-branding, some excuses for our absence, a few boob tube recs, Tiger Woods, and of course, the Balls. (Toldja it was the same.)

0:30 Rough start to the year, okay?
1:30 A little re-branding
5:00 Excuses Power Rankings
9:15 Pregnancy old wives' tales
12:30 Facebook ... dislike, am I right? Because of the data stuff
15:30 What We're Watching - Queer Eye
21:30 Ozark
26:00 AB catching up on New Girl
29:15 Muppet Babies is back, Rim
30:45 Papa Bradford on the hot seat
32:45 Tiger Woods is BACK, AB
38:00 LiAngelo Ball declares for the NBA Draft lol

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Rim and AB