"Becca Lannister" | Rosecast 'Bachelorette' S14 E1 Recap


If the season premiere is any indication, Becca will not hesitate to boot any guy with even a whiff of wrong reasons stench wafting off his sockless outfit. (Perhaps this is why Jean Blanc uses to much cologne.) Join your old pals Rim and AB back on the horse as we revel in the audacity of some of these limo entrances and pickup lines from the first episode of Becca's Bachelorette

2:30 He who must not be named
2:50 Chattin' with the leads
5:10 Dude intros: Clay, Garrett, Jordan, Lincoln, Joe, Jean Blanc, Colton, Grant
15:15 Limo entrances
32:35 Cocktail party
50:40 Rose Ceremony
55:30 Power Rankings
1:01:30 Garrett playing fast and loose with the double-taps

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