"Cruising Altitude" | Rosecast 'The Bachelorette' S15 E3 Recap


Peter, man of kind eyes and minimal drama, finds himself cruising comfortably toward love with Hannah. Plus: Luke P's near-implosion, Cam's unreasonable requests, and a moderately clear-headed take on Mike mixing it up with the knuckleheads.

4:30 Group date card
5:15 Group date - day time
10:15 Group date - night time
20:30 Hannah under the weather/Connor one-on-one date (day time)
23:45 Back at the house - cuddling
26:00 Back on the date
27:00 Back at the house
28:15 Connor one-on-one date - night time
29:45 Where's Tyler?
33:15 Group date - day time
38:30 Group date - night time
49:45 Tailgate Party
1:06:30 Rose Ceremony
1:08:30 Mailbag
1:13:30 Bach Bracket Leaders
1:14:00 Our current top 4
1:17:45 Other stuff

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