"Figure It Out" | Rosecast 'Bachelor' S23 E6 Recap



At this point in the season, everyone knows who is ready to say "yes" and who is just along for the ride. Everyone except Colton, anyway, which is either endlessly frustrating or wonderfully entertaining. Plus: Another one-on-one date that probably deserved to be pixelated, speculation about a possible MTV Challenge crossover, and more.


3:00 Continued cocktail party from last week
4:00 Rose Ceremony
6:15 Hannah G. one-on-one date - daytime
10:00 Back at the house
11:35 Hannah G. one-on-one date - night time
16:15 Group date - day time
21:30 Group date - night time
35:30 Kirpa one-on-one date - daytime
39:05 Back at the house
39:45 Kirpa one-on-one date - night time
42:50 Back at the house
47:15 Rose Ceremony
53:30 Rest-of-season trailer
56:00 "Young Once" (show that Cassie was on) review
59:30 Mailbag
1:10:15 Bach Bracket scoreboard update
1:11:45 Power Rankings

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