"Fine-Toothed Comb" | Rosecast 'Bachelor' S23 E7 Recap



Week 7 featured plenty of she said/she said. We break it down in (probably excessive) detail and discuss some surprising departures as well as where things stand heading into hometowns week.


4:30 Ben Higgins (and Bachelor success)
6:15 Tayshia one-on-one date - daytime
16:00 Tayshia one-on-one date - night time
18:00 Back at the house
18:45 Back on the date
20:45 The next day (at the house)
22:00 Caelynn one-on-one date - daytime
26:45 Caelynn one-on-one date - night time
28:30 Back at the house
33:15 Hannah B. one-on-one date - daytime
36:20 Hannah B. one-on-one date - night time
41:00 Back at the house
42:15 Group date - daytime
56:15 Group date - night time
1:02:15 Mailbag
1:11:30 Bach Bracket update
1:12:30 Power Rankings

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