"Kisses Used To Mean Something Around Here!" | Rosecast 'Bachelor' S22 E3 Recap


It was a tough week for Arie guys such as ourselves. Our fearless lead just kind of floated through the episode, showing little interest in the group date activities and spending more than half of his alone time with his lips locked with the nearest warm body. Not even comedy legend Fred Willard could save one of the two disastrous group dates, which were not nearly as fun as Chris promised. Plus: Lauren's trainwreck of a one-on-one and the newest Annaliese phobia.

  • Timestamps: GLOW pro wrestling group date (a disaster) (3:15); Group date nighttime (11:30); Lauren S. winery date (also a disaster) (19:30); Some sort of dog-themed group date? (29:45); Group date nighttime (34:15); Cocktail party (39:15); Rose Ceremony (46:15); Mailbag aka The Rosebag (51:45)

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