"Lane Logistics" | 'The Bachelorette' S15 E7 Recap

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A teenage viewer with his or her learner's permit would be hard-pressed to pass any kind of Driver's Ed quiz if they spent more than a few minutes listening to Garrett and Luke discuss multi-lane highway logistics and courtesy. Plus: Peter steams his way to the top, Tyler solidifies his position, Garrett begins to fall in love *for* someone, and much more.

(Full disclosure: As you'll hear in our introduction, we had a little mishap recording this episode, one which required a re-recording. Some of the magical moments from that session are lost to the sands of time/solid state drives, and for that we apologize. But we did our best, and hope you enjoy.)

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4:00 Still in Latvia
6:30 Garrett one-on-one date - day time
11:30 Garrett one-on-one date - night time
14:30 Back at the house
17:00 Back on the date
22:30 Back at the house
24:30 Group date - day time
28:00 Group date - night time
37:00 Peter one-on-one date - day time
45:30 Peter one-on-one date - night time
53:00 Back at the house
55:00 Jed smh
1:03:00 Garrett and Luke
1:05:00 Hannah calls Luke to the principal's office
1:10:00 Lane Logistics
1:17:00 Rose Ceremony
1:19:00 Jed off-screen news
1:22:00 Mailbag
1:25:00 Power Rankings
1:27:00 AB's Bachelor Headline of the Week

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