"That Did Not Turn Out Like I Thought It Would" | Rosecast 'Bachelorette' S14 E6 Recap


Becca's had a long week. Lincoln embarrassed her in front of the citizenry of Richmond, Va., Chris prowled through the night in desperation, and Connor wore glasses for the first time and threw her decision-making process into disarray. Will she make clear-minded choices amidst all this chaos? And can anything prevent a Garrett-Colton showdown on the beach?

2:45 We’re in Richmond, Virginia
3:30 Chris’ list of demands
6:00 Jason one-on-one date - daytime
8:45 Jason one-on-one date - nighttime
11:15 Back at the house
12:45 Group date - daytime
17:45 Group date - nighttime
23:30 Leo one-on-one date - daytime
27:30 Leo one-on-one date - nighttime
30:30 Chris makes his move
35:30 Rose Ceremony
39:00 Power Rankings
44:45 Rosebag
48:00 Rim’s big Proposal gaffe

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