"The Finale" | Rosecast 'Bachelor' S23 Finale Part 2 Recap



In a jam-packed episode, Rim and AB recap the end (beginning?) of Colton's Journey™, discuss our next Bachelorette, and propose some structural changes to the show in the wake of the Bachelor completely breaking the mold.

4:45 Chris opens the show
6:15 Colton and Cassie talk
10:15 Meeting the family
17:30 Final date - daytime
22:15 Final date - night time
25:30 A breathtaking panel discussion
30:00 Cassie and Colton in studio
36:30 Season debrief
38:30 Next Bachelorette
48:30 Mailbag questions
55:10 Hannah G rap
57:45 Bach Bracket final standings + prize drawing
59:50 Suggestions to improve the show's format

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We hope you enjoyed listening as much as we enjoyed recapping. Thank you for listening all season.

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