"The Microwave" | Rosecast 'Bachelor' S23 E8 Recap



All the standard Hometowns episode elements were in full force this week, with one minor deviation. Plus: The final, final, final tease for the fence jump. Maybe.

4:15 Fredericksburg, VA with Caelynn
6:30 Meet the family
14:30 Birmingham, AL with Hannah
17:45 Meet the family
22:45 Santa Ana, CA with Tayshia
26:30 Meet the family
36:30 Huntington Beach, CA with Cassie
41:45 Meet the family
52:00 Rose Ceremony
56:15 Hannah G. Rap
57:40 Peter Kraus on Total Bellas
58:45 Mailbag
1:06:50 Bach Bracket update
1:07:25 Power Rankings

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