"Two Minutes" | Rosecast 'Bachelorette' S14 E5 Recap


As the overconfident Chris unravels before our eyes, Wills takes a hard-line stance on chit-chat time limits while also pushing the boundaries of modern couture. Plus: A two-on-one date with no winners, AB's continued fawning over Colton, 'Proposal' talk, and some great mailbag questions. 

2:15 Las Vegas
3:50 Colton one-on-one date - daytime
6:30 Back at the house
7:45 Colton one-on-one date - nighttime
13:00 Back at the house
13:30 Group date - daytime
18:30 Group date - nighttime
22:45 Back at the house
23:15 Two-on-one date - daytime
27:45 Two-on-one date - nighttime
30:15 Cocktail party
37:45 Rose Ceremony
44:15 Power Rankings
45:30 Mailbag
52:30 ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ cast revealed
59:30 ‘The Proposal’ quick recap

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Rim and AB