"You Can't Just Tickle People" | Rosecast 'Bachelorette' S13 E1 Mega Recap

Rim and AB break down just about everything that happened during the 'Bachelorette' season premiere, from the one-liners and suits to penguins and Whaboom. Plus: Final four predictions.

Selling Rachel (2:04); Hometown Intros (3:59); Kenny (5:18); Jack Stone (7:06); Alex (8:36); Mohit (9:51); Lucas aka "Whaboom" (11:35); Blake E. (12:36); Diggy (13:30); Josiah (14:56); Rachel reunites with some old friends (16:29); Limo entrances (18:49); Cocktail Hour (47:27); First Impression Rose (1:00:43); Rose Ceremony (1:05:01); "Coming up this season on The Bachelorette..." (1:10:36);  Our final four picks (1:15:44)

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